ACUTE RUMEN IMPACTION Is a Metabolic Disorder of Ruminants and Is Caused by Ingestion of a Large Quantity of Readily Fermentable Carbohydrate Rich Feed and Result in Lactic Acid Production in Rumen.


  • This Condition Is Mostly Seen in Diary Cattle, Feedlots, Small Ruminants and Those Animals Shifted from Green to Concentrate Feed.
  • The Cause of Dietary Abomasa Impaction Is Considered to Be Consumption of Excess Roughage Low in Both Digestible Protein and Energy in Combination with Decreased Water Availability During Winter. Impaction With Sand Can Occur If Cattle Are Feed Hay or Silage on Sandy Oils or Fed Sandy or Dirty Root Crops.


  • In Rumen Mainly Resides Microbial Population Includes Protozoa, Gram Negative Bacteria Having Ph Of 6.5 And Anaerobic Environment. These Microorganism Convert Carbohydrate into Volatile Fatty Acids (Acetic Acid, Propionic Acid, Butyric Acid) Methane and Carbon dioxide.

During Ingestion of High Quantities of Fermentable Feed Causes Change in Microbial Population E.G Gram Positive Bacteria Which Convert Carbohydrate to Lactic Acid Which Decrease Rumen Ph <5 At Which Most Protozoa or Gram-Negative Bacteria Destroyed.

It Causes Increases Histamine Levels by Decarboxylation of Histidine Within Rumen.

  • Rumen Motility Also Decrease
  • Dehydration
  • Acidemia
  • Muscle Weakness
  • Cardiovascular Collapse
  • Laminitis
  • Ruminal Impaction Due to Plastic Materials Is a Condition in Which Indigestible Plastic Foreign Bodies Accumulate in The Rumen of Ruminants Leading to Ruminal Impaction Indigestion, Tympany and Adverse Health Effects

Clinical Findings:

It Ranges from Simple Indigestion to Fatal Acidemia.

Clinically Rumen Impaction with A Non-Metallic Foreign Body Is Characterized by Clear Signs Of



3.Abdominal Distension

4.Asymmetry of The Abdomen

5.Affected Animals Showed Lack of Faces in The Rectum

6.Foamy Salivation



9.Abdominal Pain (Kicking at Belly)

10.State of Somnolence

11, Diarrhea

Differential Diagnosis:                           

1.Low Rumen Ph

2.Absence of Rumen Protozoa

3.Ruminal Stasis



6.Subnormal Temperature

7.Acute Antigenic Toxemia


For Sand Impaction Affected Cattle Should Be Moved Off the Sandy Soil and Feed O Good Hay and Grass Mixture Containing Molasses and Minerals. Severely Effected Cattle Should Be Treated with Administration of Mineral Oil 4l/Day.

For Rumen Impaction with Readily Fermentable Feed


2.5% Solution of Sodium Bicarbonate by Po Route

3.Rumen Lavage, By Irrigation of Warm Water by Stomach Tube.

4.Antihistamines E.G Feprazone, Aval

5.Anthracone Purgative Used in Horse E.G 16-32g.

6.Dioctyl Sodium Sulphosuccinate 20-30g Orally.


8.Purgative Enema with Liquid Paraffin or Soft Soap.

9.Use Chloral Hydrate as Sedative

For available drugs in Pakistan Click here

10.Dextrose Saline to Correct Dehydration

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