ASPERGILLOSIS in poultry is a  fungal infectious disease, caused by Aspergillus fumigatus, in which the typical sign is gasping for breath, especially in young chicks. Sometimes the same organism causes eye

lesions or chronic lesions in older birds. The fungus can infect plant material and many

species of animals including birds and man. Occasionally similar lesions are produced by

other species of Aspergillus or even other fungi such as Penicillium, Absidia etc.


Acute form:

• Lack of Appetite

• Weakness

• Silent gasping

• Rapid breathing

• Thirst

• Drowsiness

• Nervous signs (rare)


Usually none. Environmental spraying with effective antifungal

antiseptic may help reduce challenge. Copper Sulphate

can be given in drinking water, however the efficacy is low. Click here


• Store feed in a dry place to avoid growth of mould

• Dry, good quality litter and proper sanitation

Chronic Form:

• Ocular discharge (ocular form only).

• Weight loss (Wasting).

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