Diagnosis and treatment of Listeriosis in goat

Listeriosis is an important infectious disease of sheep and goats most commonly causing encephalitis, but also capable of causing a blood infection and abortion. Listeriosis is a nervous disease of goat which is diagnosis through clinical signs and symptoms and treatment include procaine penicillin upto six hours until signs and symptoms disappear.

Causative agent:

Listeriosis is caused by the bacterium Listeria monocytogenes and is commonly seen in cooler climates.

Symptoms of Listeriosis:

include depression, loss of appetite, fever, lack of coordination, salivation, facial paralysis, and circling. Disease is more common in animals 1 to 3 years of age than it is in older animals. The onset of the encephalitic form is usually very fast and causes death in 24 to 48 hours after symptoms appear. Symptoms include circling in one direction, high fever, lack of appetite, red tissues around the eyes, usually with blindness, and depression. Affected animals may have a droopy ear, drooping eyelid, and saliva running from limp lips on one side of the face caused by a partial paralysis. When near death, the animal will lie down and may have convulsions. . Viewers all of you can visit our about us page to stay connected with us.

Diagnosis of listeriosis in goat:

The abortion form of Listeriosis usually shows no other symptoms and can only be diagnosed by laboratory analysis.

A diagnosis can only be confirmed in a diagnostic laboratory but isolation of the organism can be difficult.

  • Animal previous history
  • Clinical signs and symptoms
  • Lab tests like cerebrospinal fluid analysis

Treatment of listeriosis in goat:

When listeriosis is diagnosis through cerebrospinal fluid analysis and clinical signs and symptoms then treatment is possible which include high dose of antibiotics like penicillin.

Treatment include high dose of procaine penicillin every After six hours before the signs and symptoms disappear.

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